The special cafe

Recently visited Jaipur, Pushkar and Ajmer and did angel card readings there. Met really young men who were managing businesses all over the country. Had taken big financial risks to build their dreams. They were all big dreamers and were all in love! What a beautiful combination I thought to myself.

They were all risk takers. Each genius in their own way. They had a certain kind of innocence about them that made them fearless. They believed, trusted and surrendered completely. Even though, words like the universe, angels and vibrations were alien to them, they  were well connected with the cosmos. They were happy where they were and so were constantly attracting happiness.

When I asked them, why did they start a business by taking loans when they could have done something safer and gradual? They really didn’t have an answer. Following their dreams was just an obvious step in their lives that I sounded quite illogical to them.

When I browsed through their menu, I realized a certain Hebrew name repeating again and again. The cafe was named after it, all the special dishes were also after it. It was only later I realized that that was the name of the owner’s girl friend. I wondered how us city people complicate our lives with so many unsaid words, actions and assumptions. And here was this young lad, completely immersed in love and following his bliss. His happiness was infectious and left me completely inspired! 🙂

When we are enjoying where we are, our path to where we want to get also becomes easier and happier…

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