Client’s Diaries – Part 1

I never knew one day hanging out at a bookstore would become a life changing experience. This happened a year ago. When I came across Anisha after being prompted by my friend to try Tarot reading. Why? Because at that time I was confronting one significant decision of my life. Marriage.

I was in a serious relationship with someone for a long time. Sadly it couldn’t materialise because my family thought firstly he wasn’t from our caste and secondly he wasn’t financially stable. I was heartbroken and so was he. I cut all my connections with him for the time because of the embarrassment that was caused after this episode, both for him and me.

My parents were still looking out for a match for me. After sometime they found a guy whose family matched their criteria. And I had just succumbed to those circumstances and said yes for the alliance. But in my heart I had a strong gut feeling that there was something wrong about this episode. This is the time when I met Anisha for a tarot reading at Oxford bookstore. Simply meeting her and without having any conversation I felt that I was at the right place. It was as if the universe planted this just for me at the time when I needed it the most. All destiny! She is one ever smiling person and her positivity is contagious. After a year spent with her now, I feel emotionally so strong. Tarot reading was so precise and was fitting my situation like a missing piece of a puzzle.

One thing led to another and I quickly joined her in an EFT session because I was emotionally overwhelmed. I needed a listener, a mirror and more than I had to be in touch with myself because I felt something was missing. Anisha made me listen to myself, my entire rush of feelings and going to the root of the fears and inhibitions I had. The experience was just too profound! And then I knew I had found my source. Series of fulfilling sessions in person, on skype and over the phone were a part of my whole transformation journey. There were just too many emotions that I never knew I had. I was furious, crying, appreciating, empathising and much more. I was coming closer to myself day by day. I understood the relevance of law of attraction and being the source of my happiness through Anisha. I deliberately focused on the positives and never lost hope.

Meanwhile things at my home were moving exactly as I had visualized. The series of revelations about the incongruence between our families were confirming my vibes. I was just uncovering it gradually through my journals and Anisha’s accurate readings. Nevertheless, I was also observing those cracks in the relationship with my family due to my strong opinions and beliefs. But fortunately all were finally out of the alliance which was a huge accomplishment. I am so content to share the situation now after a year has passed since that incident. I have stayed strong, never lost hope in the good, I believed and confronted all my biggest fears. This was not easy but it was not impossible. Anisha stayed with me like a rock throughout since the journey post the incident which was significant for me.

I now feel that I am coming full circle with my dreams that had been buried for too long. I am coming out brave without any inhibitions. Being in love with myself is what I learnt from my sessions with Anisha. She put them through so simply to me. Happy to share that finally I am coming closer to the time when I can be a life partner to someone who I truly love. The law of attraction simply came to my rescue!

~ S, Delhi


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