Black magic and all that…

Time and again I have heard clients mention black magic and how they are being negatively impacted due to the same. And as they say if there are positive energies, there might as well be negative energies.

What to do when you encounter an experience with black magic?

Remember a few things:

  1. Vibrations
    It is vital to understand when one is vibrating at a lower energetic level, it is very easy for negative energies to be a reality for you – experiences that delete your energies. Based on the law of attraction, negative will attract negative, therefore vibrate higher! Meditation, eating healthy, trusting your instincts, living a holistic life – will help elevating your energies.
  2. Freewill
    No-one but you yourself are the captain of your ship. No-one can make you do anything that you do not want to do (subconsciously). Therefore, have faith and believe in your own power to control or lead your life.
  3. Faith
    Have faith in the universal energies and believe them to protect you from all mishaps. Wish everyone good and the same will come back to you manyfolds.
  4. Ask for help
    The universe does help those who help themselves, but sometime asking for help is also part of helping yourself. So, you must know when to ask and also who to ask. Not to let them take over but to help you show the way, so that you can again take back the reigns of your life. Friends, family, healers, medical help – reach out and trust that you will be taken care of.
  5. Surrender fear
    Fear has the power to make a monster out of a shadow and that in itself could disillusion you. Remember you are the universe’s child and that you are bigger and stronger than your fear is making you believe. All in all, the power to manage everything in life, lies within you and no-one can ever take that away from you!

Remember the light of wisdom and strength is always within you, you might take a different route via various tools, people or situations but the destination will remain the same, that is you.

May the healing light of power shine within all of us, always!

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