What is the meaning of life?

“Jeevidum Anubhavachi Thirkanum”
(You have to live through it, to know what it means)

I got off from the phone with a friend who just conveyed these golden words to me.

What it means to me as I feel anxiety creeping for the past some weeks, is that I needn’t find all answers. That everything does not have to mean something. That life is not a constant race or game where we are collecting accolades and feeling ‘good’ about ourselves. Instead it is about accepting ourselves in the solitude of our own whisper.

It is about getting comfortable with our own idiosyncrasies, about unfolding various layers of our own self, accepting ourselves in the strong as well as weak times. Knowing that life may not be a struggle, and that it can just be a beautiful journey of exploration.

As the words mean, life is about opening up, sharing your sorrows, happiness and also about accepting help from others. It is about mellowing as well as about standing up for one’s self.

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster – wondering if life has a meaning, and if it does, do I have a purpose and if I do – why am I not pursuing that right now? But in the race to search for a purpose, I feel I am missing out on the beautiful roses on my path, the full moon smiling down at me, the cool breeze soothing me at the morning wee hours and of course the kind and patient souls who hear me out as I rush through this slow time.

So without digressing, I should come back to the point, that sometimes all we need is to accept life as it is. Not try to control it, but rather just enjoy being in the flow. Going where it takes us. When we surrender and trust the Universe, our anxiety starts to disappear.

Lots of love and light to all! <3

Image credit: CC BY 2.0

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