What is Divine Timing?

You must have heard this term a lot. But what does it mean? If there is a designated time for everything, why do we get so agitated when things are delayed? why do we expect things to happen a certain way when they will anyway happen the way they are destined to? Are these some questions that trouble you?

This is what I learned the hard way.

When we are not getting what we want, it could be due the following reasons:

  1. Trust
    The universe is asking us to surrender and trust the flow of life. Ask the universe for signs, and it will reveal to you signs that will confirm that you are on the right track.
  2. Surrender
    Quit the struggle, when our energies are negative but we keep trying to find answers, our search goes in vain. We need to stop struggling and simply let the universe take over.
  3. Alignment 
    When things are getting delayed, check your energies, are you unconsciously feeling or even hoping your tasks get delayed? You are frustrated that it’s not happening but unconsciously glad because of the delay? Check your beliefs and motivations and work on aligning your energies with what you truly want.
  4. Work on yourself
    Do you feel contradictions within yourself? Are you demotivated? Feeling hopeless? Take some time off, relax and work on yourself. Go for a run, re- prioritise your needs and wants and assess the kind of vibes you are sending out. When your energies are balanced and you feel calm, you will have immense clarity and thus the universe will reflect the same.
  5. Inspired Action
    When you are calm and composed, things will start moving smoothly for you. What is inside is what you will often see on the outside. Peace, serenity and happiness will lead to inspired action which will then show results instantly, and sometimes even before you expect it 🙂


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