Tier 3 clearings

These are clearings that form a bridge between Tier 1 and Tier 2 clearings. They are available at special powerful days of healing and/or based on a tremendous demand of a certain issue being resolved. These clearings are a power pack available at a discounted price and one can request to meet their specific needs as well. Many Tier 3 clearings are special edition prayer based clearings.

  • Series of Clearings:

Wealth clearings – May – October 2018

  • Clearing based on Various Special Occasions:

Akshay Trithiya + Laxmi Pooja

Chiron in Aries – Clearing for Self Acceptance

St Expedite day – Clearing for Quick Results

Vishnupati Day – When the Sun enters in to a ‘fixed’ sign of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. It is a great opportunity to improve one’s finances, and clear the negative money karma we have been carrying for many lifetimes. A clearing to invoke Lord Vishnu‘s blessings will ensure a prosperous life for one and all!

And many more (please follow us on Instagram for the latest updates)

  • Based on Popular Demand:

Weight Loss Clearing

  • Regulars:

New Moon clearing

Full Moon clearing

Money/Ashtalaxmi clearing

Clearing to remove obstacles, invoking blessings of Ganesha and Archangel Micheal