Certifications, Courses and Workshops

  • Reiki Practitioner – Level II, 2012
  • Completed a Workshop on Mind and Body Connection by Naran S Balakumar, New Delhi, 2012
  • Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader, 2014
  • Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, 2015
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, 2015
  • Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner, 2016

  • Completed a Workshop on Family Constellation, facilitated by Nico Breglia, New Delhi, 2016
  • Completed a Workshop on Power Life Symbols and Switchwords by Naran S Balakumar; Facilitated by Kamlu Hemrajani, New Delhi, 2016
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner, 2017
  • Completed a Foundation Training on Living Bridges: Nonviolent Communication (NVC) For Change, with a focus on change-making, from inner change to outward, social change. This workshop was offered by Shantigarbha (CNVC Trainer) and Sudha Shankar (CNVC Certification Candidate), in 2017

  • Completed a Chord Strengthening Workshop by Naran S Balakumar; Facilitated by Kamlu Hemrajani, New Delhi, 2017
  • Life Coach Certification, The Strategic Life Coaching Academy, 2017
  • Hypnotherapy Certification Course (Hypnosis Practitioner), Scottish Centre of NLP, 2018

  • Advanced Herbs Healing Workshop, 2018
    “Herbal magick can open the door to spiritual realms and other worlds, and serve to connect a human being with Mother Nature and the Divine.”

  • Heal Your Life – Transformational Workshop and Certification, 2018
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Level 1 Trained, 2018
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a psycho-social intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice for improving mental health.

  • Grand Master’s – Level 3 – Money Reiki Practitioner, 2018
  • Grief Reiki Practitioner, 2018
  • Basics and Advanced Crystal Healing Course, 2019
  • Candle Magick Therapy, Spell-Casting Skills and Magickal work, 2019
    Candle magic harnesses the power of fire—the element of transformation—to bring change. Candles once anointed, can also perform spells, for healing. Herbs and oils add more magical power to the process.  

  • Goddess Lakshmi Workshop, 2019
    Gained knowledge about MahaLaxmi rituals, shlokas, mantras and ways of connecting with Lord Kubera, Ganesha, Shiva, Dhanvantari along with Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu and how to work  with them to attract prosperity and abundance 
  • Course on Understanding Alchemy, 2019
    This process is used to transmute what is not needed to what the desire is – ego to love, plastic to water and the unwanted to  what is wanted
  • Course on Healing Your Relationship With Money, 2019
  • Knot Magick, 2019
    Knot magic, also called cord magic, involves casting spells using the physical act of tying and/or untying knots to bind or release the spell(s)
  • Telepsychic Communications, 2019
    – Chakras Opening and Balancing
    – Mind Hacking, influencing and its protection
    – Aura Opening and Reading
    – 3rd eye Opening
    – Intuitions
    – Telepathy
    – Astral Travel

  • Vedic Astrology, 2019
    The planets, The Signs,  How to read  North Indian Birth Chart, The Houses, 29 Planetary States & Relationships, Astronomy for Astrologers, Graha Yogas – Planetary Unions and Dashas & Bhukti 
  • Astrological – Tarot, 2020
    Integration of Astrology into Tarot Reading thereby adding new dimensions to the overall reading

  • Amadeus Healing, 2020
    Ama Deus is a powerful, energy-based shamanic healing system, being used for the past 6000 years by the Guarani Indians who live in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil.