Why don’t you love me?

In the past few days, have met many people looking for love and being utterly failing in doing so. So after all why do we look for others to love us? What does it make us feel?

I found many answers while I did my sessions this weekend. Some people find acceptance, some validation, some seek approval while others need a sheer reason to survive. What others say can about us, forms a major part of who we really are, if we have a weak relationship with ourselves.

When we do not know ourselves, our authenticity, our power, we tend to look for it outside of us. In friends, family, lover, partners, work, and the list can go on. We want the ‘others’ to give us what we ourselves cannot give to our own soul. How can that be? How will it ever work? Can anyone know us better than our ownselves? We wish the answer was ‘yes’ but that’s not true. People and circumstances are just a sheer reflection of  what goes on inside us – our emotions, our feelings, our judgements and our insecurities.

So when we cannot bare to look at our own faces in the mirror, that day you might get many people around telling you that you have low energy, that you look sick or you might get many people around who might just ‘ignore’ you and then there might be some being harsh towards you. But are you blaming them? Are you wondering how it could happen to you? Well, maybe that is day, to find a quiet place and ponder over how you treat yourself?

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