Flow away…

Has this ever happened to you?

Suddenly one day when we look at our lives and realise, Gosh! “Everything I wanted is there with me…but…this can still be better and that person could really be nice to me, I still need a better car and of the bills!…” And it goes on. We are again either in the past or worrying about the future.

Why is it that when things do work out for us, we are reluctant to believe? why do we have resistance to happiness? You deserve the best, you deserve love, respect and kindness. And the first person to start with is yourself. You need to fully love and accept yourself before you go out looking for love. And ironically when you do love and forgive yourself fully, you wouldn’t need to go look out for anything. It will come to you.

If only we live each moment as it comes and be fully present, life will continue to be beautiful moment by moment. When we enjoy, trust and flow with the journey that we are here on, it becomes easy, joyous and blissful! 🙂


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