1. If I need to maintain my alignment to get results, why do I come to you?
I am just a zariya (medium/means) that will help in facilitating the healing process. The insight will always come from within. When one is in the middle of a problem, it is often difficult to not only find but be able to see a ray of solution. That is when it is important to reach out for help. Not because you cannot help yourself, but because sometimes surrendering and letting someone neutral take over helps us see clearly. A neutral perspective helps us get into alignment soon.
It helps us to connect with ourselves and thus feel empowered. And a positive and empowered self is bound to get results easily and effortlessly. 

2. I have got the clearing done, but I have seen no results. Why?

Refer to the concept of Alignment.

 3. I have signed up for the 6 EFT sessions, can I call you in the middle of sessions and discuss my progress or what is not working out?

I am not available on the phone 24*7, so kindly email or text me any of your concerns and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If there is an emergency, call a medical practitioner, an ambulance or on any of the emergency numbers on my referral list.

4. If I am feeling down and need to speak to you after a clearing and follow up session. Can I call you?

Much as I would like to be available to everyone at all times, in interests of fairness to all, including myself, I can offer 2 follow-up phone calls at pre-designated times at the moment. If you would like to sign up for a new session I will be happy to schedule a session with you at the earliest, subject to availability.

5. I was referred to you by a friend. The prices you charged my friend were different than what you charged me? Can we get a discount as well?

Every client is unique and I mostly combine many of my healing modalities while working with different clients. My charges vary depending on the amount of work and energy being put in. So no two clients would have the same experience at Zariya. Having said that, my charges have been pre-decided with much thought and in interests of fairness to all.

6. Do I need to be present when a clearing takes place?

No, that is the beauty of SRT. While you can be present during a clearing, the work can be done distantly as well. A report is prepared during the process which will be shared with the client post clearings.

7. Can I get a Tarot card reading during our EFT session?

Certainly, though at additional charge per question.

8. I can access a lot of free material on EFT online, so why do I need to see a practitioner?

EFT is a powerful healing technique and has been widely written about on the web. In fact, I will probably share tapping videos with you and you will be encouraged to practice EFT on your own between sessions or after you have finished your sessions with me. It is an easy to learn tool and can be used by anyone. However, the information available online is general in nature and may not work for specific issues people have. A practitioner is trained to work in depth for different issues a client may have.

9. After a clearing, will you call and tell us what came up during a clearing session?

There are 2 follow up phone calls (15 mins each) after the clearing, in the week following the clearing. Any queries and homework/worksheets can be addressed then.

10. What is the difference between a counseling and a healing session?

Usually by training psychologist/counselors takes several sessions to help address emotional problems.Healing can be emotional, mental, physical, financial etc. though has an element of counseling in that I have to understand your concerns and help you find answers.

(Some points to keep in mind)

  • I will not always be available over the phone call, so kindly request you to email or text and I will get back to you asap.
  • This energy cannot be used to ‘harm’ or ‘demean’ anyone. There is no black magic here.
  • We believe in the power of freewill and that the client must take 100% responsibility in the healing process.
  • Client Confidentiality guarantees that your information is protected as long as they pose no clear and present danger to yourself or others.
  • The results that you get are not guaranteed but have been 90% successful for clients who have found their alignment.
  • 100% payment in advance policy.