Keep praying, but no results?

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9 things you need to rethink and replan!

1. Take 100% responsibility for your own life
This means, energetically speaking, what you give is what you get. Focus on giving good – in terms of thoughts, vibes and intentions and you will see the universe responding to you in a similar way.

2Quit the blame game

This might be hard to do, when our worlds come crumbling down, it always feels better to be able to hold someone else responsible for all the mess. But blaming only makes things worse. It’s time to own up, take back charge of your own life and have the wisdom to know that the change that you are looking for, lies within you. All you need to know is, to reclaim it.

3Love yourself

Often times, when we look for answers outside of ourselves, we feel lost and sometimes misled. It is very important to understand our own value and worth. It is only when we fully love ourselves can anyone else be able to help us.

4. Consistency

Consistency is the key to success, yes it is. While running if you fall, you get up and start again. Similarly, in life when you fall, get up and start again. Be it the gym plan or writing that book, commitment to eating healthy or a few minutes of mediation every day. Whatever it is, and how ever many times you might have temporarily ‘stopped’. It’s time to get back to working again.

5.  Focus
Focus on the bigger picture when things are not working out. Zoom out and focus on the bigger goals in life.

6. Trust
Trust the process of life and believe that what you ask for will be delivered in divine timing.

7.  Act
Take inspired action,  do not do something for the sake of doing it. When you feel inspired and called to, then take the necessary steps towards your goal.

8.  Gratitude
The attitude of gratitude is a must, to bring more into your life. When you focus on being grateful for the little things, like the sun shining upon you, the air you breathe into or the clean water that satiates your thirst, other things that you can be grateful for, start flowing into your life.

9.  Let go
And once you have trusted and taken the required action, now let go of the end result. if you keep worrying or losing patience, you are sending out vibes of desperation and that will amplify the feeling of lack and desperation even further.

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