Allow the flow

Met a friend today and was immersed in her flow of love. She was centered, grounded and at peace. A divine truth in her words that everything she spoke of, I instantly trusted in.

When we surrender and let life take us where we are most enjoy, you will be amazed at how magic starts to unravel right in front of you. True, sometimes we feel safer in our familiar bubbles of worry. We ironically feel comfortable. But such bubbles are just shackles that slow the growth of our soul. We forget our greatness and get involved in petty fights within our minds.

The moment we get to know our true selves, we do not need anyone to remind us of what all we are or what we are not capable of. We wouldn’t need validation. We will be happy with who we are. Our true authentic selves. Every word we then utter, will be magic and every action we take, will be inspired action.

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